Busted! Don’t Believe These Myths About Window Treatments!

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Window treatments play a vital role in providing a fresh look to your home, as well as blocking unwanted light and providing your desired level of privacy. Although they may be a relatively small feature, they play a salient role in enhancing the home’s aesthetic appeal which is why picking the right treatment is essential.

With a range of products to choose from, selecting the appropriate window treatment can be quite a challenge. What further compounds the challenge surrounding the purchase are a host of misconceptions about window treatments and how they benefit you.

As experts in the field, at JJ Windows Covering, we want to help simplify the purchase process by distinguishing fact from fiction. To do so, we have debunked the most widely believed myths about window treatments.

Myth 1: The higher the price of the window treatment, the better is the look.

Many customers believe “The higher the price, the better the look is” while they are choosing window treatments. However, many times it is not the case. The most important factor in choosing window treatments is whether the style fits your home. There are many kinds of blinds in the market, and the price among them varies significantly. The customer and the consultant need to find out which one is aesthetically the best fit for the home and makes it look more beautiful rather than picking the most expensive out of the options available.

Myth 2: It’s best to get the most updated technology to your window treatments.

Some customers think they should get the most updated technology to their window treatments like making all the blinds automated. Automation is a costly proposition and customers should avail this option only where it is most needed. For example, it’s recommended that people should go in for the automation option on the blinds for windows which are hard to reach. The life of motors is usually shorter than fabrics. If automation is indiscriminately applied, you end up not only making a hefty payment at the time of purchase but also shelling out more money to maintain the proper functioning of automation equipment as days pass by.   

Myth 3: Buying window treatments is the one time cost rather than an expense.

Many people think that window treatment is a one-time investment and they should buy it from the most expensive place. However, this is not the case. People often make changes to their house after five to seven years of living in them. The changes generally made are small jobs like painting the walls with different colors, buying new furniture or a bigger job like taking down a wall. Any changes may affect the unity between the window treatments and the house. Therefore, you may need to change the curtains or the blinds. If you spend too much money on the first set, you will end up wasting too much money to change the curtains or blinds when the need arises. You can avoid the problem of incurring exorbitant expenses, by preparing a long-term budget. For example rather than spending, $20,000 at the initial installation, you may want to purchase a brand at a lower price like $7,000 but of high quality. This approach provides an option of changing your window treatments at least three times in the future.         

If you’re looking to steer clear of these myths, and gain insight from experts to meet your window treatment needs, reach out to JJ Windows Covering.

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